Power has developed a full range of drilling machines which are compatible with others on the market, these machines have been tried and tested over the last 8 years.


PTS: 6/18 . PTS: 6/22 . PTS: 6/24

Tap into any pipeline system without shut down with the PTS Drilling machine.

Solid drills ranging from 1⁄2” to 1-7/16” (12mm – 36mm) are handled with ease.

The PTS machines are manually or air operated there is also a hydraulic version.

Cutters from 3”- 6” are Steel Bodied multi tooth cutters either in H.S.S or Tungsten.

Each machine in enclosed in a carrying case for long lasting protection.

Features on the PTS machines include ratchet crank handle and small hand tools and are complete with cutter holders and adaptors.


Maximum working pressure: 1440 psi at 100of (100 Bars at 38oc)

Maximum operating temperature: 500of at 700 psi (260oc at 50 Bars)

Boring bar travel: 18” (485mm) or 24” (610mm)

Machine only weight 15 kg

Rate of travel: 0” to 1⁄8” per revolution

Drills, Hole saws, Hole saw holders, Threaded valve adaptors, Flanged adaptors, available from 1⁄2” through 6” all ratings.