Recent Projects

brand Thames water announced a Pilot Scheme for Power Technology Services to be their Line Stopping partners for the Infrastructure Alliance carrying out all Line stopping from 3" through to 16". The Pilot started on Feb 8th 2016 and is continuing. Power Technology Services has crews and equipment based out of two Thames Water compounds covering a 24/7 service to Thames.  
Anglian_water April 2016 - Anglian Water are tracking the success of the Thames trial and they are in talks to duplicate the same set up with dedicated crews to their area.
Double 36" Line stop with 600 mm By pass for JN Bentley
Double 10" Line Stop for Gallaghers
Single 18" Line Stop for NMC Nomenca
700mm Diameter bespoke fabricated Y branches for Amey
66" Petersen Gas Bag with bespoke designed launch vessel and 24" Class 150 Line stop valves with fittings for Pan Gulf Holdings
PTS supply Powerstop equipment and fittings in to Australia

Various Line stops 6"-10" for Agility Alliance

Single 450mm Line stop for Wessex Water

Emergency Encapsulation for Agility Aliance

Single 450mm Line stop and Single 600mm Linestop for BBUSL

Double 12" Line Stop for Amey

Double 700mm Linestop with by-pass and live valve insertion for Costains

Single 32" Line Stop for MGJV

Single 30" Line stop for NWH Balfour Beatty JV

Single 36" Line stop for Gallagher's
Single 600mm Linestop for Wessex Water

Double 18" Line Stop for Optimise Water

Double 36" Line Stop with By-pass for Morrison Utility Services

Bespoke pipework and tapers for Northumbrian Water Limited